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Green Development: Inevitable Trend of Future Sand Making Machine

Le 24 November 2017, 06:58 dans Humeurs 0

Struggling to lay the ecological and environmental protection battle is a very high controversial topic during the nineteenth conference, while the dust, coal dust produced during the sand making process is one of the major threats to the deterioration of the ecological environment. So in the future market, green development will be the inevitable trend of mine sand making machine. Based on this, the following is a brief description of the knowledge related to green and environmental-friendly sand making machine. The details are as follows: 



1Why green development is the inevitable trend of mine sand making machine? 

(1) First, from the big aspect, lay the ecological and environmental protection battle is benefit to the nation and the people, it is also related to everyone’s real interest. As a new generation of environmental-friendly sand making machine under the upgraded version, its use can completely resolve the dusty predicament that traditional sand making process has. So in order to obtain the better economic and environmental benefits, green development is the inevitable trend of future mine sand making machine.

(2) Second, from the small aspect, in the process of highly efficient and harsh modernization construction, traditional sand making machine can’t meet the high standard production needs. What’s more, there exists a lot of dust, noise and other pollution in the process of production, which is obviously contrary to currently proposed green mine construction. Therefore, to cater to the market and seize the user’s demand, green development must be the inevitable trend of future mine sand making machine.

2How does new generation sand making machine realizes the green sand making operation?

(1) In the technical aspect: continuously learn to introduce advanced environmental sand making technology and eliminate the conservative design methods. 

(2) In the structural aspect: modifies the traditional blower design, equipped with unique air regeneration cycle system in sand making machine, so as to decreases exhaust air volume and reduces dust.

(3) In the parts aspect: installs highly efficient blower in the body of the machine to collects dust, to control the spread of dust and achieve the purpose of efficient environmental protection. In other words, selects some auxiliary dust collectors, such as intravenous precipitator and so on, in order to realize green sand making operation.

3Price consulting about new generation sand making machine

Compared with the traditional sand making machine, this newly environmental-friendly type sand making machine market price must be more expensive, but this can not affect investors’ love of it. As a professional production and marketing manufactures, all the prices Fote machinery was given are factory price. So Fote machinery( is a correct choice for the investors who have needs. 

Operation and Maintenance in Jaw Crusher Using Process

Le 20 November 2017, 08:36 dans Humeurs 0

Jaw crusher is the earliest appeared crushing equipment, it can be used to crush hard and medium hard scale materials. The specification of jaw crusher is expressed by feed opening width and length, the crusher can be divided into large-scale, medium-scale and small-scale. The feed opening width of large-scale jaw crusher is over 600mm, the width of medium-scale jaw crusher is 300-600mm, the width of small-scale jaw crusher is below 300mm. There are only two types of jaw crusher used in China mining plants: they are simple swing jaw crusher and complex swing jaw crusher.



Jaw crusher operation precautions

Before starting the jaw crusher, users should check if there is any ore or iron in crushing chamber, to ensure the jaw crusher start safely under no-load. When starting large-scale jaw crusher, users should first start oil pump motor, observe if the oil pressure and oil flow indicator is normal, then open the main motor. Through a certain time after starting the main motor, the jaw crusher can reach normal rotates speed. Only when there is no abnormal sound or percussion can operators feed the ores to jaw crusher. The ores needed to be given uniformly and avoid overload as much as possible.

In operation, users should pay more attention to the phenomenon that large-size ore stuck to the feed opening. If stuck, users can use an iron hook to make it clear. If the ore blocks the crushing chamber, operators should stop feeding, until the ore in crushing chamber was totally crushed, the crusher can be restarted. It is forbidden to remove the ore from crushing chamber by hand. If there is large-size ore needed to be removed, operators must use special tools to handle it after the crusher is stopped.

During the operation, operators should check if the lubrication in every lubrication point is normal and note the temperature of the bearing, especially the eccentric bearing temperature, the temperature is not allowed to exceed 60 ℃. operators also need to check the wear condition of discharge opening regularly, then adjust the discharge opening size in time according to wear condition.

The contents of comprehensive repair, annual repair and monthly repair of jaw crusher

Monthly repair and annual repair are two main methods of jaw crusher, the contents of comprehensive repair are determined through monthly and annual repair’s good equipment maintenance.

Main contents of monthly repair: Check and repair adjustment device, adjust discharge opening gap. Replace the worn liner and thrust liner. Repair and replace the transmission parts. Clean individual parts of jaw crusher. Replace lubrication oil, repair and adjust lubrication system and so on. A monthly repair is usually done half a month or once a month and is dependant on the specific situation.

Main contents of annual repair: Including the whole monthly repair contents. Replace worn shaft liner, pull rod, liner, thrust liner. Inspecting, turning, grinding and casting eccentric shaft bearing, connecting rod head bearing, movable jaw bearing and so on. The interval of two annual repairs is dependant on the wear condition of the main bearing, connecting rod head bearing and movable jaw bearing. An annual repair is usually done once a year.

Main contents of comprehensive repair: Including the whole annual repair contents. Replace the turning eccentric shaft and movable jaw mandrel. Cast the Babbitt alloy on the upper part of the connecting rod head. Replace and recover all worn spare parts. Correct entire crusher and conduct technological innovation to equipment. The interval of two comprehensive repairs is dependant on the wear condition of the eccentric shaft and movable jaw mandrel. A comprehensive repair is usually done around four years a time.

At present, the maintenance work methods of jaw crusher in most mining plants are replaced whole parts, that is, pre-repair parts method. When repairing, operators only need to remove the worn parts and put on new parts, this method can greatly shorten jaw crusher downtime and improve operating efficiency.

Henan Fote Machinery jaw crusher( products follow the design concept of independent innovation, use advanced technology, and FTM conducts the concept in strict accordance with international quality standards. Fote Machinery also implements comprehensive quality control to ensure product quality stability and superiority. 

How to Do If Finished Products from Raymond Mill Contain Impurities?

Le 15 November 2017, 10:16 dans Humeurs 0

Raymond grinder has great effect in grinding marble, basalt, limestone, perlite and many other materials. This grinding mill has various favorable advantages like strong automaticity, stale running and noise free, which makes it an optimal grinding device for investors to pulverize all kinds of ores. However, the only fly in the ointment is that some grinding machines are incapable of meeting the requirements of customers because of the high content of impurities in the finished products. What causes this? can visit FTM company page directly.



Factors  Which Causes High Content of Impurities

1. Abnormal filtering apparatus

There could be two circumstances. The first one is apparatus damage, and the second one is improper mesh opening, which means that the mesh size is improperly large. The size of the mesh and attributes of the materials do not match.

2. Impurity of the material itself

The degree of purity of finished products will also decline if the material itself contains too many impurities. The problems caused by the material have nothing to do with the Raymond grinding mill, which makes detailed analysis of materials and real-time detection necessary and important.

3. Motor failure

There exists a close relationship between the motor and running status of Raymond grinder machine. Motors with excellent properties can largely enhance the operating stability and reliability, which furtherly elevates the degree of purity of finished products. In all, the discharge can also be affected by the motor.

4. Insufficient cleaning

It chiefly refers to the maintenance of equipment. Regular machine maintenance is also an effective means to elevate the degree of purity. The cleaness of feeding port and discharging port deserves much attention and should never be neglected. The foreign matters in these two key areas will surely result to high content of impurities.

How to Solve These Problems?

Accurate analysis has been made on the reasons of impurities contained in the finished products. How to solve these problems? Contraposing every single factor, we should take corresponding measures to improve the quality of finished products.

1. For the impurities caused by filtering apparatus, we suggest that investors replace the improper filtering device that with same specification of materials under the guide of professionals.

2. Preliminary treatment or processing is necessary if materials themselves contain too many impurities, or you can pulverize or grind them repeatedly( this is not suggested, for it will increase energy consumption and investment costs).

3. If the motor goes wrong, comprehensive detection and maintenance are indispensable. Regular lubrication is also necessary. These measures are all aimed at enhancing working performance and operating stability of Raymond grinder mill.

4. For cleaning, there are two key points that investors should keep in mind:

First thing is to clean up the foreign matters and wastes that exist between the clearance of Raymond grinding machine.

Second is, after the machine is switched off, thorough cleaning is of necessity to avoid dust pollution from the outside.

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